The term ‘ALLTERRAIN’ implies the ability to function in a wide variety of conditions and situations. The design of the ALLTERRAIN line was inspired by the notion of “less” for example, sceneless, ageless and timeless. In pulling the concept together, we put all sorts of specifics like age groups, specific scenes and locations out of our minds and instead concentrated on pure, timeless craftsmanship.This was the creative focus of the ALLTERRAIN design exercise.At the very heart of the ALLTERRAIN collection is the adage ‘form follows function’, which is really an expression of the very essence of Descente’s approach to craftsmanship. In a practical sense it means putting design considerations second to those of functionality. In our design process, everything has a reason, and is related to functionality, rather than to decoration for it sown sake.
The term ‘Form follows Function’ was first advocated by the American architect Louis Sullivan, sometimes called the “father of modernism”. As this imagery suggests, Descente’s craftsmanship has a lot in common with architecture. At Descente, design is taken very seriously to mean the assembly of carefully crafted functional plans rather than simply an expression of decorative beauty. For this reason, the essential features in the design process become clear through trial and error, and all non-essential elements are removed.What remains is simple, and all details are practical. The thinking behind the ALLTERRAIN sportswear concept opens up limitless possibilities. It only depends on who the wearer is, and how and where they use them. All the intricate planning and design, and all the trial and error along the way, underpins Descente’s fundamental wish to enrich people’s lives through superlative sportswear. In this way, ALLTERRAIN is the personification of the spirit of Descente.
In Descente, the whole ethos of craftsmanship is sustained by a large number of people. From the beginning, a marketing team comes up with an idea, which is passed on to designers, whose creativity turns that idea, initially, into a single concept image. That image, in turn, becomes the basis of a manufacturing process that starts with more detailed design and the creation of paper patterns. In the case of a sports wear item, the considerations are many - how to bring a new garment to fruition entails what kind of pattern to follow, how it should be sewn, and what the process of production should be. As it passes through the hands of specialists in each relevant stage of development, the preparation for the transition of the original, flat image into a real, three dimensional product begins to take shape. Soon, the production specifications stemming from the original flat image become a multi-page document. At this stage, it evolves into an instruction manual, detailing exactly what sort of product it will become, and the detail of the steps to be taken to achieve it.
All of the finest details of everything that follows are intricately specified in this document. It is this process that is at the very heart of Descente's ethos of craftsmanship. It is fair to say that it is at this point that the DNA of Descente becomes deeply imbedded in the product. The rock upon which Descente's ability to work through this concept to commercialization process stands is - as it has been since the company's foundation - its solid core of superior staff. They are the ones who wrestle with the many problems and challenges that arise along the way to transforming the line drawings and concept images of the designers into the final, finished shape of the product. Tirelessly, often through repeated trial and error, they overcome the hurdles - no matter how high they are - and make the end result their own. It is their spirit of challenge and breakthrough that defines the success of Descente's craftsmanship. In bringing a design concept drawing to fruition as a finished product, the technicians have to pay close attention to a very wide range of issues.
To ensure ultimate freedom of movement by the wearer, all of Descente's paper patterns are created using a 3D design technique known as "Motion 3D". These patterns are actually 3D garment simulations made of paper, rather than soft fabric, in order to ensure exact confirmations of the finer details. This method make the verification process much more precise and ultimately results in superior comfort when actively worn. A good part of the passion involved in craftsmanship revolves around team spirit - like the passing on of a baton from athlete to athlete.
So when it comes to the actual process of factory manufacturing, the sewing is in the hands of a group of highly skilled professionals. At Descente's production facility, all of the sewing is done by technicians with recognized national skill qualifications. These qualifications are only awarded to those who have not only passed difficult practical skill examinations, but have also demonstrated a strong theoretical appreciation of technical sewing. The factory where these skilled professionals have brought together all of their craftsmanship abilities also has a particular Descente atmosphere about it.
A unique, lightweight closure system developed by Boa Technology. Adjust it to suit with just a turn of the knob for maximum convenience and minimum weight.
Our unique StreamLine Technology uses a special new heat printing process to apply strategically located hydrophilic strips to the water repellent garment fabric to attract water droplets and channel them away from zips and pockets.
Supersonic Technology uses an ultrasonic seam welding process to replace all sewn seams and provide lightweight, relaxed, stress free comfort
A special zipper originally designed for emergency life jacket use. By pulling outward on the QuickBurst® element, the whole zipper opens quickly. It can be closed again with the regular zipper tab.
Optimum levels of comfort inside the jacket are effectively maintained by a Dual Ventilation system build into the front zipper.
Sleeve cuff discomfort is eliminated with our brilliant, newly developed noiseless block fit adjustment tabs.